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Sometimes in our life, we find ourselves drawn to explore our spirituality – to connect more with our God, our inner-wisdom – and hoping to enhance our faith understandings. No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, you will find a comfortable atmosphere for further exploration and development at Tau Center.

Come share in a community of like-minded seekers who are discovering their individual spiritual journeys and reveling in the supportive atmosphere of Tau Center.

Tau Center's core offerings in contemplative practices, meditation and creative spirituality are augmented by seasonal programs and Franciscan teachings. In addition, we invite national and regional presenters to offer half-day or full-day experiential programming on a variety of spiritual practices.


What a wonderful first-time experience at the Centering Prayer gathering this evening. I feel so calm and centered.Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. Thank so you very much!!
– Tau Center Meetup Group participant

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Brush Wisdom: A Deeply Inspiring Retreat

Friday & Saturday, April 28 & 29, 9:30am-4:30pm

Brush Wisdom is a deeply inspiring and expressive form of meditation. Developing a deep sense of presence and open relationship to your true self; the brush, ink and paper allow you to access your deeper wisdom in a new and refreshing manner. During this retreat, we will explore the inter-play of mind, body and spirit through the expressive use of the brush stroke in an atmosphere of contemplative calm and peace.

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