Spirituality Programs

Thursday, January 11, 2018 from 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM (CST)

Elements of SoulCollage: A practice of self-discovery

SoulCollage® is a powerful creative process that gently enables you to hear the deep wisdom of your own inner-knowing through the practice of collage art. This soul-tending practice honors one’s personal journey, while promoting personal growth and self-discovery. To deepen our understanding of and break open the meaning of the SoulCollage Deck, each session will begin with 30 minutes of instruction, followed by guided meditation and card-making. Our day will conclude with journaling and a brief sharing of our images, if desired. (Enjoy early registration for the series of all five.)

$25/session; or $100 for the series
(Registration required by January 8 for the series. Please choose the January 11 date when registering for the series.)

Jan 11 – Basicsincluding Source Card
Feb 1 – The Committee Suit;The Psychological Dimension
Mar 1 – The Community Suit; The Communal Dimension
Apr 5 – The Companion Suit; The Energetic Dimension
May 3 – The Council Suit; The Archetypal Dimension

Facilitated by Sharon Devo

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