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Tau Center continues to add virtual online content for you to continue your spiritual journey and deepen your practice. To facilitate further exploration, check out our resources for current and seasonal programs here.

Personal Journey

Come explore more on your personal journey.


Other Faith Traditions

From the comfort of your own home, come explore other faith traditions.


Other Topics

Enjoy more areas of spirituality on your journey.



Lenten Offerings

We invite you to Open Your Heart and Look with Hope as you embark on your personal Lenten Journey this year. 

Video Prayer

Ever Faithful, Always Hopeful - A Lenten Journey

Companion Handout 

Visio Divina Reflection

Wheaton Franciscan Vision Prayer

Companion Handout

Fourth Sunday Reflection Handout

Wheaton Franciscan Prayer

Reflections for Lent

O God Who Wastes Nothing, please help me to use the ashes in my life as fertilizer for something beautiful to come. Amen.

The song “Ashes” speaks to hope, despite devastation, for something new to somehow be created out of the remains of broken dreams, broken hearts, broken lives and death itself. It is for any situation needing restoration, any person in need of renewal. May you be inspired!

"Ashes" A Reflection Song   

 Ash Wednesday – In a Time of Pandemic

 Companion Handout

Easter Reflections

Tau Center is offering online Easter Season Booklets. Holy Week Tenebrae Printable PDF or eReader Version that includes exploring the deeper meanings of Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday for your in-home Holy Week Journey.  

Poetry of Lent - Lenten Companion to Mary Olivers ‘Devotions’ Printable PDF or eReader Version for your in-home Lenten Journey.  


Welcome to the Tau Center

In the spirit of St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi, we welcome everyone in their search for spiritual healing, growth and renewal. 

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"My experience in the [Tau Center] program was profound. In the past six months I have changed jobs so that I am working in an environment that is aligned with my inner desires. It hasn’t been easy but I continue to journal and look forward to coming back to Tau Center soon."

— Tau Center program participant