Visual Reflections
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Visual Reflections

A Photographic Reflection Exhibit 

Take some gentle time to refresh your soul with this virtual photography exhibit by Sr. Fran Glowinski, OSF. 


Art Gallery - Sr. Fran Glowinski, OSF

Expressive Arts

Tau Center offers many creative spirituality programs throughout the year. No matter where you are along your own spiritual journey, you can find comfort and community in each program. 


All that is Needed is Compassion

To your insight, my friend,

I’ll add my minute seeing:

a mustard seed size of wisdom is enough

to plunge the mind’s insight

into the heart’s seeing

that goodness is always ONE.

Compassion (com-passion) with another

whom/that is NOW before me is all that

is necessary, one breath at a time.

Georgene L. Wilson, OSF, D.Min.