Nurture Yourself

Taking a nurturing timeout for yourself is essential to rejuvenating or healing your mind, body and spirit.

Tau Center offers a peaceful and reflective setting for individuals and groups seeking to carve out space for deepening their inner lives. Spend a retreat day at Tau Center and enjoy the grounds including our Peace Path, Labyrinth, Chapel, Meditation Rooms and Quiet Rooms, as a way to reconnect with your authentic self, your dreams and visions, and the Divine within.

Retreats can be custom-designed to meet your individual or group needs and may include Spiritual Direction upon request. Facilitation and teachings from the Wheaton Franciscan Sisters are available for both individuals and groups. We welcome anyone to take time in your busy life and give yourself the gift of peace and contemplation. 

If you would like more details on arranging a Day Retreat or Guided Retreat for yourself or a group, contact Sharon Devo at 630-909-6809.

Individual Retreats

Day Retreats

Between our cell phones, television, computers, work, kids and family, we rarely ever get a moment to ourselves these days – to sit in a quiet space and reconnect with our inner-wisdom. At Tau Center, we encourage you to give your head a rest and work from your heart towards peace and spiritual nourishment. 


Guided Retreats

Guided Retreats provide the time for you to work directly with a Spiritual Director on a day specifically designed for you. During the retreat you are given time for contemplative and solitary activities, including prayer, journaling, reading, walking the grounds, art and music. You will have time to meet with a spiritual director and to share any issues that may have emerged. You may be given a scripture reading or something that might help you to be compassionately present with whatever has surfaced in your life. 


Group Retreats

Church Staff Retreats

At Tau Center, we understand how busy your faith work is and how important it is to your local community. That’s why we offer retreats for churches and other faith communities to give you and your staff the space and time to refresh and rejuvenate your own spirits and bring renewed energy back to your congregations. We encourage your staff to leave their daily surroundings and use Tau Center as a space to focus not on the work you do, but why you do it. 


Private Group Retreats

Tau Center welcomes local nonprofits, women’s and men’s groups, businesses and other organizations to a Private Retreat where they can experience a day of reflection, team sharing or other customized program options.


Come to me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.
― Matthew 11:28

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Brush Wisdom: A Deeply Inspiring Retreat

Friday & Saturday, April 28 & 29, 9:30am-4:30pm

Brush Wisdom is a deeply inspiring and expressive form of meditation. Developing a deep sense of presence and open relationship to your true self; the brush, ink and paper allow you to access your deeper wisdom in a new and refreshing manner. During this retreat, we will explore the inter-play of mind, body and spirit through the expressive use of the brush stroke in an atmosphere of contemplative calm and peace.

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Living Your Purpose

Saturday, April 8, 9:30am-12:30pm

What motivates you—from a place of personal knowing—to keep working toward a goal? Well-being research indicates the value of having a clear purpose in life; when we have something to get up for in the morning, we live longer and more meaningfully. In this workshop, you’ll identify your life purpose, then create a plan to enliven and embody your purpose. The result is that you’ll feel more aware of what you’re about and have a plan to move through your days more purposefully.

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