Spirituality Programs
Franciscan Life

Tau Center continues to add content for you to continue your spiritual journey and deepen your practice. To facilitate further exploration, check out our resources for current and seasonal programs here.   

Sr Gabriel Uhlein, OSF is offering Assisi Pilgrims: Franciscan Soul-Themes for Inner Holy Grounding through the Christine Center - Learn more here

Covenant Companion, Jeanne Connolly, offers ongoing Franciscan Way of Life. New group forming 2023. Learn more here

St. Francis

Come join us for as we explore more about St. Francis and the Franciscan Life.


St. Clare

From the comfort of your own home, come explore more about St. Clare and the Franciscan Life.


Franciscan Way of Life

Learn more about Franciscan spirituality and how to integrate the Good News of God’s love into daily life.


Wheaton Franciscan Sisters

Tau Center is a spirituality ministry of the Wheaton Franciscans. We are a welcoming community of faith striving together to be instruments of peace, hope and justice in our world today. The Wheaton Franciscans provide the support needed to foster spiritual, personal and community growth through our spiritual ministry, The Tau Center, our Justice, Peace & Integrity of Creation efforts, and other focuses on service.

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Sunday Liturgy and Prayer 



"My experience in the [Tau Center] program was profound. In the past six months I have changed jobs so that I am working in an environment that is aligned with my inner desires. It hasn’t been easy but I continue to journal and look forward to coming back to Tau Center soon."

— Tau Center program participant