Spirituality Programs

Tau Center continues to add virtual online content for you to continue your spiritual journey and deepen your practice. To facilitate further exploration, check out our resources for current and seasonal programs here.

Programs in Eco-Spirituality at Tau Center

Healing Through the Seasons - A Forest Therapy Walk, offered seasonally

By slowing down and noticing and being embodied in nature, you will deepen your relationship with nature. When you are still in the natural world, you begin to notice many different facets of nature. These things we have not taken the time to notice before. Once you begin to notice you will find yourself on a different type of walk. Forest therapy is not a one-time event; it is a practice much like prayer - each session draws us deeper. Learn more here 

Jeanne Lovinlli

Jeanne Iovinelli, Forest Therapy Guide

My training in forest therapy has taken me to a level of connectedness to the natural world and God that I have never experienced before. My soul yearns to go outside, slow down, and notice the handiwork of our creator. LEARN MORE

Story of Place

Come reflect on nature and explore more on your personal journey.

Nature Based Practices

Enjoy the journey in nature with found objects in photography, stone art, and other contemplative practices.


Enjoy more areas of spirituality on your journey.