Story of Place

Celebrate World Labyrinth Day

Join us with this contemplative video Walking the Labyrinth Path - Rediscover Yourself One Step at a Time for World Labyrinth Day.

With each contemplative moment,
may you rediscover yourself -
one step at a time.

Walking the Labyrinth Path Video - Rediscover Yourself One Step at a Time


Take a Moment Today for Stillness and to Find Internal Peace

Today, I surround myself
with a bubble of peaceful energy.
I breathe in the peace,
I breathe in the energy.
I am soothed during the day's
most stressful moments.
I am safe and secure
and loved within this bubble of
God's light and love and protection.
- Author Unknown

Please enjoy this contemplative meditation which includes a poem and music video featuring photography by Sr. Fran Glowinski.

Wheaton Franciscans 

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