Garden Prayer & Reflections



In the garden take time for prayer and reflection. Also, enjoy a peaceful walk on our campus along the Peace Path – a winding path through a beautiful prairie of several acres planted with native Illinois grasses and small woodlands. This is a beautiful space for a walking meditation, allowing for both spiritual reflection and physical exercise.

Along the path, you will find many spaces to sit in prayer or contemplation including benches, seats carved from natural elements, or small grassy areas to spread out a blanket. In addition to the Divine natural world around you, along the way you can enjoy sculptures, statues and other points of reflection. Stop at one of the Prayer Bells along the path, where you can take a moment of intention and ring the bell. As the sound of the bell echoes forth – so do your prayers reverberate and your intentions are felt for the world.

The Peace Path was created by the Wheaton Franciscans as a part of our healing ministry. Plantings of many varieties of trees, shrubs and flowers add a quality of beauty, calm and peace. The mile-long path is paved and wheelchair accessible with many intersections which allow you to circle through the prairie for shorter or longer exploration.